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  1. Hello to all on the Lonnie Hill Country Show!
    Just want to say we enjoy you’re show, Love the Old Timey Country too, Love that Squaredancing and the Old Songs ya’ll do, Brings back memories for me, Its good to see something on t.v that’s fun and real, and you guys have it! Blessings To All! Doris

  2. Hi Guy’s, We were flipping through the Channels Saturday night and Discovered your Old Timey Country Show, We loved it! Can’t wait til next weekend to see it! Always, Elizabeth

  3. We love your show down here in Ala, we watched it last week too, We love the Old Timey Music too, So you guys keep it up and we’ll watch you every sat. night, We’ll tell all our friends too! God Bless! Mariann

  4. Hi Lonnie & everybody
    I saw a commercial on WYAM 51 your show is coming July 8th? I think it looks like a good show, with Old Timey Country & Gospel Music, it all sounds good we’ll be looking for it when it comes on! Take care, Teresa

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